Light Hanging


Here at Laguna Window Washing (LWW): WE DO LIGHTS


Hey, we know it’s really fun to hang your own lights… Right?!
So, Why don’t you leave the hassle to the Professionals at LWW!
We Design, Install, Maintain and Takedown your Exterior Hanging Lights and Holiday Decorations. For all Your Light Hanging needs in Orange County Areas, Trust the Professionals at LWW to do the job right!

Holiday Lighting Company In Orange County | External Light Hanging Service

DISCLAIMER: Our Holiday Lighting Services department does a large volume of lighting jobs ever Holiday Season- so, in order to get them all completed and on time, (and allowing for some rain delays) we start hanging lights November 1st. If this is too early, you DO have the option of leaving the lights turned “off” until you are ready to “show them off”. Lights begin being taken down after January 3rd. Thank you for your patronage and consideration.
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